School in Parade focuses on education children from various English courses and schools at the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Our aim is to help children to choose their own future.

Who are we and what we do?

School in Paradise is a non-profit organisation focusing on providing education to children and the youth at the island of Lombok in Indonesia. We have started our work at our first school in Petiwung in 2013. Currently we are running two programs – one focusing on older children who just finished schools and who want to get jobs in the travel industry, the other one on younger children and improving their basic English knowledge. We are also working on a cooperation with a school within the inland part of the island, in Kabul, where the school situation is rather difficult. We are continually trying to improve teaching quality and enable children to choose their own future. We are also actively seeking potential local partners interested in cooperation in improving local education.

The organisation was founded in 2013 by Andrea Starkova and Marcel Zitnik.  Andrea is in charge of teaching arrangements, mediating contact between volunteers and schools, organising various events in Lombok for local children and is actively seeking new locations where local people are interested in cooperation. Andrea herself teaches 5 months in a year at various courses and schools here in Lombok. Marcel Zitnik from Go2 Travel Agency is in charge of ensuring enough financial support is available for running the organisation as well as all the administration in the background of the programs.

Andrea Starkova


Andrea has been operating in Lombok since 2010. She whole-heartedly loves the island and also genuinely cares about the education of local children. She acts as the main coordinator of the Organisation School in Paradise which she founded together with Marcel. Between 2013-2017 she implemented a program of cooperation with a school in Petiwung, in the south of the island. The program was not only focused on teaching at the school but also on construction of the school and numerous out-of-school activities for children.

During the summer months Andrea works in the Czech Republic where she is in charge of a preparation and running of educational programs focused on ecology.

Marcel Zitnik


Marcel lives partly in Australia and Indonesia. He met Andrea in 2013 and after a few exchanged words they decided to start a collaboration to support a local school in Lombok. He is in charge of financing and project coordination. In his spare time he enjoys water sports and activities closely linked with his travel agency Go2 which also organises trips to Indonesia.

CK GO2 donates part of its profits made from selling trips to Indonesia to support construction of schools in Lombok.

Aisyah Odist


We have been working together with Aisyah since 2014. Aisyah has many times visited the school in Petiwun, first time she gave a lecture on how to re-use rubbish, second time she gave an art workshop, tried time she brought over gifts from donors. Her enthusiasm and vitality is infectious. It was Aisyah who introduced us to the prestigious international school Sayang Ibu in Gunnungsari which we were really impressed with and where we would like to send several of our students.

With joint efforts we have organised the first ever eco-festival in Kuta and are members of LEIC (Lombok Eco International Connection) focusing on ecological and environmental knowledge and experiences.

Why we do this?

We think it is a good idea to offer help to people who don’t only need it but to whom who also want it. We want to make it easier for children from underprivileged families and poor areas to get a better education.

Our Aim

Continually we are trying to raise the bar in terms of teaching quality and give children better opportunity in choosing their own future. We want to make it easier for children from a tiny village to get a decent education and the chance to continue their eduction further at a high school which will show the children that choosing eduction is the right way for the successful future.

Future plans

Working on furthering cooperation with Czech universities which are sending out future teachers on placements while improving current teaching conditions in Lombok.