School in Paradise

How has it all started?

We have found the school by pure luck. Let’s get back to 1993. Tiny little school in the jungle needed some financial help. Andrea was working as a volunteer in a nearby state school and came across this tiny little place built on a land owned by father of her student Bungy. Later on Marcel from the travel agency 02 which does business in Indonesia has found about this growing school. Word followed word and after few chats and visits we started on making things happen.

Our Aim

Continually we are trying to raise the bar in terms of the quality of teaching and give children better opportunity in choosing their own future. We want to make it easier for children from a tiny village to get a decent education and the chance to continue their eduction further at a high school which will show the children that choosing eduction is the right way for the successful future.

Ways to help

We are searching for volunteers willing to teach english. You can also help by providing children with school supplies and books. Every single donation goes directly to support the children. Even the smallest donation counts and is much appreciated. If you would like to help children in Indonesia and encourage them for a better future you are at the right placeGood company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton