This course prepares post-graduates students for finding a job within the travel and tourism industry. After course completion students find placements in hotels and other tourist establishments. Up to 90% of course participants manage to find job within the industry.

WHERE: Accommodation in a village called Pandan Indah

MINIMUM STAY: 2 months

ITINERARY: teaching 4 days a week 

Morning: teaching students age of 17 – 22 y/o. Program is focused on tourism and basic English and making students familiar with tourist needs + recommendations what type of service tourists expect

Afternoon: 2x/week English for young children, level – beginner

*We have a teaching material as well as books available. A syllabus has been also created and can be sent to you prior arrival to Lombok so you can get familiar and prepare for teaching.

ACCOMMODATION: in Pandan Indah village where courses take place, living with your hosts family with Mr. Jumirim who runs the course. You will have your own room with your own private western-style toilet. 

FOOD – 3x/day authentic local Sasak food

AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES – If interested we can arrange trips around the local area, visits to student homes, showcasing local skills etc.

Main Coordinator in Pandah Indah village: Mr. Jumirim

Mr Jumirim is the founder of Rinjiani English Institute (since 2005). Previously he used to work as a guide to Mt. Rinjani (3726m). Currently Rinjani English Institute is opening several branches in the south of Lombok and School in Paradise organisation is their official partner. Mr Jumirim lives with his wife and son right in the building where the courses take place.

He also organises courses for high school graduates who want to start working in the travel and tourism industry. He searches for placements available in hotels in the touristic south of the island. He is also in charge of English classes for young children. One of his plans is to open up an elementary school with English classes which would be supported by School in Paradise with the participation of their volunteers.


Cost breakdown:

Accommodation & food with your host family:

  • 1 person – 3.000 000 IDR
  • 2 people – 3.500 000 IDR

Scooter rental: 1.000 000/month ($70 USD)/per person
Price includes airpot pick up and drop off and includes food.


  • Transfer to the account of the School in Paradise organisation prior your arrival
  • Payment after arrival at Lombok to our coordinator 


Day 1 – arrival to Lombok (by boat or by a plane). Pick up from the airport and transfer to Kuta. Settling down and meeting with our coordinator. Rest.

Day 2 – Introduction meeting with your coordinator who will show you the area and hand over the scooter. The option of extending your your first few rest days depending on how you feel.

Day 3 – Meeting with student and settling down into your teaching schedule. Our coordinator will take you to the village where you meet the head teacher. Together you will prepare a teaching plan for the duration of your stay


Please bear in mind that getting around the island without a scooter is not an option. If you are not familiar with driving a scooter it is suggested to practise before arrival to Lombok.

It is also recommended to come to Lombok with a friend, if you are not familiar with volunteering abroad. In a country with largely different culture you will appreciate a company.

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