This course prepares young children for an English exam required for being accepted to every high school in Indonesia.

*The course is currently in the process of rebuilding. New volunteers will be accepted from September 2019*

WHERE: course takes place in a village called Tolot Tolot – roughly 20min by scooter from Kuta

ACCOMMODATION: in Kuta (main tourist centre in the area) or within it’s close proximity in a basic hotel type of an accommodation. 


ITINERARY:  Tuition 4-5 days depending on teaching schedule. Two courses include teaching basics to younger children (7-12yo) & tuition at an intense English course to children/young adults (14-17yo)

FOOD – this course is offered without food. Right in the place of stay in Kuta there is a wide variety of restaurants/bars serving traditional as well as western style of food for very reasonable prices

SPARE TIME ACTIVITIES – If interested we can arrange trips around the local area, trips around the area, showcasing local traditional skills, surfing etc. This service is arranged by our coordinator.

TUITION DETAILS – Main teacher as well as program coordinator is Mrs Intan who is a graduate from an English course at Mataram university. Her dream has always been to set up an English camp where locals would meet up with international English teachers and gain needed knowledge and experience. 

You will be provided with teaching books as well as given another material to follow. We will give you this syllabus before arrival so you can prepare at home if you would like.



Accommodation in Kuta – from 150 000 IDR/room/day ($11 USD)

Scooter rental: 1.000 000 IDR /month ($70 USD)/per person
Airport transfer: 150 000 IDR/one way ($11 USD)/per car
Coordinator & administration: 250 000 IDR ($18 USD)/per person

Total price for one person: from $400 USD

Total price per person (if 2 or more people are travelling): $245 USD


  • Transfer to the account of the School in Paradise organisation prior your arrival
  • Payment after arrival at Lombok to our coordinator 


Day 1 – arrival to Lombok (by boat or by a plane). Pick up from the airport and transfer to Kuta. Settling down and meeting with our coordinator. Rest.

Day 2 – Introduction meeting with your coordinator who will show you the area and hand over the scooter. The option of extending the first few rest days is available if requested.

Day 3 – Meeting with student and settling down into your teaching schedule. Our coordinator will take you to the village where you meet the head teacher. Together you will prepare a teaching plan for the duration of your stay


Please bear in mind that getting around the island without a scooter is not an option. If you are not familiar with driving a scooter it is suggested to practise before arrival to Lombok.

It is also recommended to come to Lombok with a friend, if you are not familiar with volunteering abroad. In a country with largely different culture you will appreciate a company.

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