We are currently recruiting for volunteers who can come and spend time here in Lombok teaching English.

How the program works & FAQ

Who is the program for?

  • independent people – you will be in touch with our coordinator over the phone or in your spare time, but teaching the classes will be done by you
  • anyone who is 20yo and older
  • 2 month stay in Lombok is minimum
  • for all enthusiastic, sociable, easy-going people with interest in helping others and who are happy to share their culture
  • teaching background is not necessary
  • English does not have to be your first language, however it should be at B2 level or higher.

Why paying to volunteer & where does the money go?

School in Paradise offers one of the cheapest programs in Indonesia and is keen to keep the cost as low as possible. Volunteers have to pay for food, accommodation, transport, logistics, in-country assistance. All of these items are included in the fee (with slight differences in each chosen program).

By volunteering in Lombok you not only help children at the school with their English, you also help support directly or indirectly local economy. Since we are non-profit organisation no third party makes any money from the fees. All the money you pay stays in Lombok whether it either goes to your host family for looking after you during your stay or to other small businesses in the area.

Is anyone going to pick me up from the airport?

Yes. Your host family will pick you up.

Do I need any specific teaching certificates/experience?

We don’t require any special teaching training/certificates however they do come handy if you do have them. It is absolutely acceptable if English is not your first language. However you need to be comfortable with spoken/written English to be able to run classes at a school level.

You will also be provided with teaching books and other material. We have designed a teaching syllabus for you to follow which we can send you prior to your arrival for you to read through it and prepare ahead.

Whats the accommodation like?

While volunteering in Lombok you will be staying with a host family. You will get to experience first hand Indonesian culture from a point of view not many people get to see. Usually many volunteers see this as one of the most memorable and interesting parts of their stay. Your host family will have past experiences with hosting volunteers and they will have basic understanding of English.

Comfort – Don’t expect luxury. Remember you are arriving to a developing country and it may be very different to what you are used to at home. You will be provided with your own clean & comfortable room.

Electricity on the island 

Indonesia uses European-style two-pin round plugs (‘C’-type is the most common variant found): Voltage is at 220 V 50 Hz

Can I drink the water?

We do not recommend to drink water from the taps. Please stick to bottled water. Your host family will provide clean water in the house

What’s the food like in Lombok?

During your placement you will eat with your host family and share the same food they eat. The traditional staple food is rice, vegetable with the occasional small piece of  meat. If you are a vegetarian please make this clear beforehand. It can be easily arranged. If you have chosen a program where you stay in Kuta then you won’t have any food provided. There is plenty of cheap meal options around starting from $1 for a full plate of food. There are also western-style restaurants in Kuta serving italian food, cakes, bread etc.

How safe is Lombok?

In terms of safety Indonesia is a safe country. We make sure our volunteers stay in safe areas and we are proud to say that none of our past volunteers ever mentioned anything regarding them feeling unsafe here. Overall there is no need to worry about coming here and volunteer however, just like anywhere else in the world, stay street-wise.

Are there going to be any other volunteers with me?

This can vary depending on when in the year you come and how busy your chosen program is. However it can happen that there won’t by any other international volunteers. If you are not sure about staying for this long on your own we encourage you bring a friend with you.

However there is plenty of tourists and other volunteers from different organisations in Kuta so don’t worry about not making any friends while you are there.

Do I need travel insurance?

YES. Just like with any other overseas travels, a travel insurance is recommended. It is your responsibility to arrange this prior your arrival to Lombok.

What is the process like once you decide to become a volunteer with School in Paradise?

  • apply online – fill out the questionnaire on the Contact page
  • arrange a date with Indonesian coordinator
  • finalise details with our english speaking coordinator who will answer all your questions
  • welcome to Lombok

Do you like what you have seen here so far and want to join School in Paradise?

Contact us and let’s make it happen!