Get to know some of our most talented students, read about their stories and find out their plans for the future.

The goal of School in Paradise to help children and youth to get a quality education and to secure a better chance of life in the future.

Some of the biggest successes for School in Paradise and our children has been accepting 3 of our students into one of the best private schools in the whole of Indonesia – Alam Sayang Ibu in Gunnungsari by the capital city of Lombok – Mataram.

This school offer 3 year classes for first grade and further 3 year classes for second year. The curriculum is focusing on ecology which is a much needed area to improve the knowledge of for most Indonesians. Due to poor quality of school across the whole of Indonesia, most of other students attending this school don’t come only from Lombok, but also from Java or Bali.

Therefore children have to pay not only tuition fees but also school equipment and accommodation and food.

With quality also comes price – the initial payment for each child is 10mill IDR (nearly $700 USD) + yearly tuition of 12mill IDR ($850 USD).

Last year 3 of our students from the Intensive English Course run by Mrs. Intan have managed to pass entry exams and got accepted to this famous school.

School in Paradise financially supports all of her students with all school expenses.

Let’s meet the children from Sayan Ibu

Lia and her story

For Lia to get accepted to the school she had to pass initial interview. Out of 75 children who applied to join only 30 got accepted.Lia comes from a small village called Sande hidden amongst rice fields in the south of Lombok. Her family all work in the farming industry. From the money they earn by selling their crops then have to not only pay all family expenses, but also a rent for the land they farm on. Luckily the family owns their own cow, which is a big future investment.

Lia has also one sister, who attends an english activity course run by our coordinator Andrea.

Rizki and his story


Rizki has been accepted to Sayang Ibu due to his excellent results at school after attending a course with Mrs. Intan at IEC course.

Rizki’s parents are divorced. His father remarried and has two children with his new wife therefore Rizki is living with two younger siblings. Rizki is now being looked after mainly by his grandpa who is working as a farmer. His mother is a stay at hime mum, just as most of local women.

Now let’s meet our successful students from English Rinjani Course

This course focuses on providing education and knowledge from the travel & tourism industry.

English Rinjani Course is under the supervision of Mr. Jumirim in the village of Pandan Indah. One course always takes 3 months. For a small fee students enter this course after finishing their high school education. Classes always run 5 days a week and children study English, cooking, and overall preparation for getting a job in the tourism sector, which is growing year by year at the island.

This course has over the past years grown so much that some students also have to travel up to an hour to join. Some students even from further distance have to find accommodation in the village for this time.


Hasan Basri

Hasan was born 2 May 1998 in the village of Tawah Pengembur in the central area of Lombok.

After finishing high school in Pengembur Hasan attended ERC course. Upon finishing he managed to get a job as a receptionist in a hotel called D Praya.

Hesan is very proud to be doing this job and he also very thankful for the chance he was given. Apart from the hotel He also works as a tourist guide in a local village called Sade where he also put English into use.

Hasan undergone the course run by Mr. Jumirim and our past volunteer Kamila.


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Sarimah was born December 31st 2001 in the village called Setanggor. She has finihsed high school in Praya and then attended ERC course.

Upon successfully finished the course Sarimah got a job in Tiki Lodhe hotel situated by one of the most beautiful beaches at the island – Selong Blanak. She has been working at the hotel since 2017. Sarimah initially started as a maid and worked her way through to receptionist.

In the hotel there are 5 bungalows and 2 villas. This hotel is mainly visited by travellers from Australia, Denmark and France, there it is necessary for Sarimah to speak English.

Samirah sucessfully finished the course under the supervision of Mr. Jumirim and our School in Paradise coordinator Andrea.


Husnul Hug

Husnul was born August 24 1997 in a small village in the south of the island Bolor Gejek where he also finished his high school. After graduation he started attending ERC course in Pandan Indah.

Since 2016 he has been working in Grand Royal Hotel as a chef.

Husnul loves his job. Eventhough as a chef he does not get to use English much but can practise his skills in the kitchen that he learnt in his course.

Lalu Subarjan


Lalu was born December 31 1997 in a small town near Selong Blanak, where he also finished his high school. After the course he attended ERC course in Pandan Indah.

After finishing the course he got a job in a hotel Mango Lodge near Selong Blanak where he started in 2018. This hotel has only just been newly opened. Lalu works here as a receptionist, a barman, and a waiter. Most of the hotel guests come from Spain so knowing English is vital. Even though he is not totally confident speaking English he is happy to be given the chance to work in the hotel and that he will be able to further his knowledge of English.

Lalu was studying the ERC course under the supervision of Mr Jumirim and our volunteer Kamila.

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